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Abdominal Snowman

December 27, 2018

Last comic of 2018! Thank you so much to everyone reading this and for supporting Loading Artist over the year! I’m taking a week off from streaming (and skipping a comic) but I’ll be back after that. Actually I’ve still got a blog post to write before December’s over so I’ll see you then!

Title was suggested by thenewteddy from today’s stream! <3

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Show Comments (25)

  1. Tachanka says:

    It’s thumb nail on your website makes the depressed man look like boyinaband

  2. Fruitybooty says:

    I didng get it at first because im retarded but now i do lol

    1. Jacob Carter says:

      i thought the black lines on the bottom ball were legs at first so i thought it was someone.

  3. RICK AND MORTY says:

    Nobody safe, not even frosty

  4. Evan D Bybee says:

    Say Gregor, is that a Friends reference I see?

  5. BeavertonBoi says:

    Marry Chisler all! Also, solid Friends reference Gregor. Good to know there are other fans out there lol.

  6. KRawatXP2003™ says:

    Aww forget to comment Happy New Year George

  7. bach says:

    WOW, thought that guy was a snowman

  8. Anon says:

    It’s hard to stay mad at pervert so jolly

  9. RatedAwesome15 says:

    Wow when will you make your next masterpiece

  10. thenewteddy says:

    I also hat myself

  11. Jebediah says:

    So does this mean Gregor in the comics is also naked?

    1. unloading says:

      Have you ever noticed that in the streams gregor only shows his upper body?

      1. aw says:

        The truth is out.

    2. Carlos says:

      No fam, he wears white clothes

  12. Anna says:

    This is genious, love it!

  13. Randall says:

    LMAO that is hilarious! Brilliant use of the legs! Also easiest spider ever


  15. wouter215 says:

    Ah, the jolly Christmas nudists… Always a joy.

  16. Adam says:

    Took me a while to see the second panel properly

    1. FORTNITESUCKS says:

      Me too!

  17. Someface says:

    This is brilliant xD

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