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A Rat’s Tale

August 10, 2017

I put together a clip compilation video earlier this week and uploaded it to the YouTube channel. I think I might make more!

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Show Comments (17)

  1. slnjkdf says:

    This is a new favourite for sure xD

  2. j3ff_k1m=3 says:

    ha! Good one.

  3. Too random says:

    Harsh dude poor kid xDD

  4. Dave says:

    Reminds me of that one video with the releasing of the baby rabbit. Damn, eagles do have sharp eyes.

  5. Dexter Ayala says:

    It’s a rollercoaster of feelings. I hate it. I hate you for it.

    Loved the comic though.

  6. FransPe says:

    Hope I’m not late to comment.
    I’ve commented my first comment on Loading Artist.

  7. Rockkley says:

    That’s great one!

  8. Евгений Александрович Самарин says:

    That’s great one!

  9. Alpacatron says:

    Actually my favorite comic so far :p

  10. Michael says:

    best one so far. loved it

  11. neks says:

    Oh you nature you are so cruel

  12. ultragunner says:

    atleast it was caught on camera for maximum trauma right?

  13. Febriananda says:

    At least the child didn’t forget the air hole this time

  14. nemolee.exe says:

    It’s not a hawk, bro.

  15. B. T. says:

    Awesome dude!

  16. Ethium says:

    I thought that it would be similar scene to that one when guy have forgotten air holes 😀

  17. Deven says:

    🙂 Nice one

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