loadtoberJ 2022 WINNERS

loadtoberJ 2022 has finished and here are the BIG WINNERS!

What the hell is a loadtoberJ?

MOST CREATIVE :loadGoldJ: IoIoToTM with “Heist”

Most creative goes to IoIoToTM :loadGoldJ:

Don’t let the above screenshot fool you, this ain’t just a JPG. It’s a full blown INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE! Check it out here on IoIoToTM’s itch.io page.

FUNNIEST :loadGoldJ: MarcMansfield with “Trip”

Funniest goes to the legendary MarcMansfield :loadGoldJ:

Another one not to be fooled by the screenshot, this one’s actually a VIDEO! Go check it out here in the Discord, and make sure your sound is turned on!

And here’s a link to Marc’s YouTube channel, go sub to him!

MY FAVOURITE :loadGoldJ: IoIoToTM with “Heist”, AGAIN!

:loadGoldJ: You read this right. A double win. A first in loadtoberJ’s history. :loadGoldJ:

Personally I blame myself for the naming of these categories, I mean it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the most creative is also my favourite! :loadBlush:

Here are a couple more screenshots in case you can’t play the game:

LI’S FAVOURITE :loadGoldJ: Everesce with “Scurry”

As soon as I saw this amazing entry by Everesce, I knew it would be winning one of these categories for sure. :loadGoldJ: Li (aka exocomics) was quick to claim it as the winner for her favourite!

This other one by Everesce is also amazing. :loadWow:

A FOR EFFORT :loadGoldJ: jcboloso

The final winner of this year’s loadtoberJ: jcboloso! :loadGoldJ:

Jcboloso has submitted an entry for every day of the month of loadtober, and while some of them have had… questionable loadJ integrations :loadLaugh: , there’s no denying that a ton of effort has been put into making all of these nonetheless.

What really sealed the deal was jcboloso’s awesome final entry of the “Farm” maze:



Thanks again for all of your amazing entries! It was a lot of fun (but also really hard) looking over them all and deciding on the winners. But remember, even if you didn’t win a category, you’re ALL winners to me! Just not “win a free t-shirt from the shop” winners. Those are the four up there that I mentioned.

Anyway, check out the rest of the submissions here and below is a VOD where I announced the winners live on Twitch! :twitch:

<3 Gregor