loadtoberJ 2022

loadtoberJ drawing contest

:loadJ: loadtoberJ is back again! 2022 style! :loadJ:

By now you probably know the drill, but in case you don’t:

loadtoberJ is a Loading Artist drawing “contest” where you pick a daily prompt from the official Inktober list, and loadJ-ify it! :loadJ:

:loadGoldJ: There are 5 different categories to win, and the winners will get their choice of t-shirt delivered to them! If you’re wondering what shirts are available, well, they’ll be viewable in the store… once that re-opens anyway. Very soon!

All participants also get a loadtoberJ-2022 badge to wear proudly on their Discord profiles. :loadCool:

Check the #rules Discord channel for more info, and see the winners 2021 and 2020 for inspiration! :loadLurk: