Meet your Twitch Character

I’ve added characters to the :twitch: Twitch stream! These are randomly generated per user, and are also persistent!

Character generator!

To see your character all you gotta do is interact with the stream while I’m live in some way (e.g. follow, subscribe*/gift sub, host/raid, cheer/donate, catch the spider, hydrate, etc) and you’ll pop up on screen in front of everyone!

P.S. if you find that the RNG gods didn’t capture your look the way you wanted, you can reroll your character (the full character, or just your hat/hair, face, or body) by using your bees (aka Channel Points) which you accumulate by watching the streams. :loadBee:

Character generator!

See you on Twitch! I’m gonna be finishing the new comic there very soon!

<3 Gregor

*did you know Twitch subscribers also get access to bonus panels? :loadWow: