loadtoberJ 2021

loadtoberJ drawing contest

:loadJ: loadtoberJ is back! :loadJ:

What’s loadtoberJ? It’s only the latest and greatest (and only) Loading Artist drawing contest right now! Pick a daily prompt from the official Inktober list, and loadJ-ify it :loadJ: and you’ll be in to win prizes!

Prizes you say?

loadtoberJ 2021 prizes

There are 5 different categories to win, and the winners will get three secret new stickers (as well as an additional classic :loadJ: sticker), and a signed A4 print of Free Spirit!

note: the winner of the “Li’s Favourite” category will instead receive an Exocomics print

Check the #rules Discord channel for more info, or see last year’s winners if you’re just curious :loadLurk: