32nd Birthday

I’m 32 now (and also a month ago)! I have to mention “32” as much as possible because despite everyone trying to make you believe it, I am NOT 42. Even though sometimes it feels that way. Anyway, the community has once again completely overwhelmed me with another amazing surprise!

Presenting… THE NEW GREGOR :loadJ: a collection of The New Yorker-esque cartoons drawn by the community with my quotes from the streams being the captions :loadLaugh:

Here are a couple of my favourites to show an example:

By ShibaSocks

By Exocomics

32 quotes turned into cartoons. I just realised that’s also the number I turned this year. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or intentional, but either way it’s perfect.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part!!! :loadLove: Special thanks to SuperTux for coding the site, and to Exocomics for the New Yorker idea and design, and to Kittyrules for the idea of drawing the quotes in the first place! :loadLove:

And if all of that wasn’t enough, here’s MarcMansfield with another amazing montage! HOW DO YOU FIND ALL THESE CLIPS TO USE??!?? This must have taken so much time and effort, I cannot appreciate it enough! Thank you!

I was going to say the timing of my birthday coinciding with my burnout was unfortunate, but I really do super appreciate this amazing gesture by everyone and all the work and planning that went into it. Especially as it happened while I wasn’t even putting out any comics. Thank you everyone for your help and patience with me.

<3 Gregor