A New Era

The biggest update to the website has just landed. At first glance you might think it looks more-or-less the same (especially if you’re not browsing in dark mode), but actually EVERYTHING has improved in one way or another. Especially behind the scenes.

What’s new?

  • Loads much much MUCH faster :loadWow:
  • Search!
    • Not just by title but also other key words too
  • Dark mode :loadCool:
    • Automatic and based on browser/OS theme
  • Comments via Reddit
    • No more comments being mistakenly flagged for spam
    • No more 100+ spam comments per day
    • Timestamps shown in local timezone
    • Supports spoiler tags :loadSpider:
    • Old comments are saved and archived <3
    • Press ‘C’ to jump to the comments
  • Revamped Archives section
    • Shows a years overview now
    • Separate Comics/Art/Games categories
    • Small comic preview when hovering thumbnail
  • VODs of the Twitch streams linked below comics :loadLurk:
  • Bonus panel links for :patron: patrons and :twitch: Twitch subscribers
    • Free bonus panels are now marked as such
  • Higher resolution comics, art, emotes, and logos
    • Especially noticable on phone screens and high-resolution displays
    • New ‘EXPAND’ button beneath art and game posts
  • Spiders added to ALL comics :loadSpider:
  • Game wallpapers
    • With favourite clips from the streams added below
  • All official social channels linked in footer
  • Full VIP list showing all VIPs (past and present)
    • Accessed by clicking ‘THE VIP LIST’ below comics
  • New FAQ page
  • No longer uses Wordpress

Smaller improvements

  • Faster Twitch LIVE check
    • The LIVE banner no longer flickers when browsing the site while live
  • Additional ‘Random’ button at the bottom of comics (new to desktop)
  • Keyboard navigation on all pages with pagination (comics/archive/news)
  • Swipe for next/previous comics on mobile
  • ‘R’ key for random comics (in addition to ‘?’)
  • Cleaned up all broken/missing Twitch clips below comics
  • RSS feed now contains the full comic (instead of a thumbnail)
  • New randomized audience members below comics (on desktop)
  • Better menu links size and spacing
    • Also improved on mobile
  • Bonus clip links are now the :loadSpider: beside the main clip (below comics)
  • Re-exported static VIPs with transparency
    • You’re welcome, Dark mode users
  • Improved default comment avatar for old comments
  • … and a million other improvements behind the scenes

Thank you!

:loadGoldLove: A massive thank you to SuperTux88 for making this possible and special thanks to Jamamp for all the help as well! :loadGoldLove:

And also thank you to the community, for if it wasn’t for them getting together to surprise me with LoadedArtists for my 10th anniversary of doing this comic, SuperTux would never have realised how much better this site could be if it wasn’t using Wordpress. :loadErp:

Here’s a saved highlight from the stream where the new site gets launched and then I talk about all the changes and stuff.