loadtoberJ 2020 WINNERS!

The winners are in!

First of all, everyone who participated in this year’s loadtoberJ is a winner in my eyes. So much creativity oozes out of this community, it was really incredible to witness! But now it’s time to announce the actual winners.

:loadJ: Highest Voted: Mimismolgurl

No surprise this was the highest voted! This Little Mermaid looks fantastic and is a great interpretation of the Day 1 prompt: “Fish”. Nice reference to the streams with the bananas well!

:loadJ: My Favourite: Stroyke

This was my ultimate favourite. Even though it was one of the earliest ones (with the first day’s “Fish” prompt), my mind kept going back to it. I just love how clever it is and how it follows the shape of the :loadJ: so perfectly. Awesome.

:loadJ: Li’s (aka Exocomics) favourite: Grinzpilz

Elegant use of the :loadJ: in this NASA logo for the Day 16 prompt: “Rocket”, and a nice lil nod to New Zealand with the Southern Cross constellation! Also bonus props for making this (and all of Grinzpilz’s other submissions) on his phone :loadWat:

See Grinzpilz’s other submissions in his tweet thread - they’re all fantastic!

:loadJ: Most Creative: DryEraseGirl

I couldn’t fit all the submissions from DryEraseGirl into one picture but I tried my best to highlight some of my favourites! Absolutely blown away with how many different mediums DryEraseGirl managed to fit a loadJ into. Even an entire music video!!!

See all of DryEraseGirl’s submissions in her tweet thread!

:loadJ: A for Effort: Nycto

This was the hardest award to decide on because so many people contributed so many great submissions! But in the end I believe Nycto should be given the award, because I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to draw all these submissions with coloring pencils. Actual traditional media. I could never do that.

Also for the record, the Lola Bunny did not factor into my decision..

..but it didn’t hurt :loadLewd:

And that’s it for loadtoberJ 2020! All winners get a :loadJ: Pin and Sticker, as well as a Tier 2 gifted Twitch subscription for a month!

If you’d like to check out everyone else’s loadtoberJ submissions, check out the #submissions_gallery in our Discord server!

Thanks everyone for taking part! Wear your loadtoberJ-2020 badges on your Discord profiles with pride!

<3 Gregor