31st Birthday!

I TURNED 31 LAST WEEK! I know it’s a bit late to mention it, and normally I don’t even like to dwell on a birthday (I don’t need another reason to feel panicked about how quickly time is passing by) but this birthday was just so amazing it’s definitely one worth writing down somewhere to remember.

I’ve been drawing birthday cakes for people on stream for a long while now. So for my birthday, a lot of the regulars from the chat got together in secret to draw me a birthday cake!

And by “in secret”, I mean like.. make an entire hidden Discord server to plan and put it together secret. It was Camjocotem who came up with the idea of everyone contributing toward one big cake, and then Li (from Exocomics) organized and stacked everyone’s cake layers together! Not just cakes though, but candles too, and even super nice hand-written messages! :loadLove: So many inside jokes and references :loadJ:

Huge stack of birthday cakes for me made by everyone <3

Huuuuuge thank you to everyone who contributed and for making this such an amazing birthday! I AM REALLY TOUCHED. :loadLewd:

To top it off, here’s an incredible birthday video by MarcMansfield put together with a gazillion clips from the stream. Thank you! I really love it! :loadLove: