I’ve uploaded bonus panels to the 10 latest comics so far (more coming soon), and you can see them by clicking the “BONUS PANEL!” button beneath the comic. This will take you to a Patreon post which you can access for $2 per month.

You can also see them if you subscribe to me on Twitch, and then access the new secret #bonus_panels Discord channel! :loadLurk:

I’m really happy with how these bonus panels are looking, a couple of them are almost like brand new comics. The goal is to eventually give all comics in the archive a bonus panel, as well as all incoming comics. Dats a lot of panels.

Aren’t bonus panels usually free? What a sell out

Bonus panels have always been a way of monetizing a webcomic, except that they used to be a way for getting people to come back to the site (after seeing it posted somewhere else) and rack up another ad view.

However, the Internet has changed since then and the money you get from ads is a fraction of what you used to get. Which is fine by me, because I don’t like ads anyway and is something I’m trying to move away from. :loadShrug: