New Features!

I’ve added some new features to the website! :loadLove:

Extra Stuff

I went through all the relevant comics and added new EXTRA STUFF links beneath them that links directly to their respective Patreon rewards! Now if you read a comic and would like to see the sketches & doodles pack or download HD versions, you can just click the link below the comic! No need to search for it on my Patreon page anymore! :loadLewd:

Extra Stuff screenshot

LIVE link

Secondly, the TWITCH link in the navigation above will now turn “LIVE!” whenever I’m currently streaming! :loadLurk: Special thanks to SuperTux88 for helping me with that one.

Twitch LIVE link


Thirdly, you may have noticed by now if you’ve read this far that I’ve also added the Loading Artist Twitch emotes! :loadLove: Everyone can use Loading Artist emotes in the comments too. :loadCool:

I’m using the same syntax as on our Discord server, so to use them type the emote word inbetween two colons like this: :helloTest:

Here are all the emotes currently enabled:

:loadCool: loadCool
:loadCry: loadCry
:loadCringe: loadCringe
:loadErp: loadErp
:loadNope: loadNope
:loadHi: loadHi
:loadHmm: loadHmm
:loadLaugh: loadLaugh
:loadLewd: loadLewd
:loadLove: loadLove
:loadLurk: loadLurk
:loadMic: loadMic
:loadRage: loadRage
:loadRIP: loadRIP
:loadSpider: loadSpider
:loadUgh: loadUgh
:loadJ: loadJ

There’s another feature still to come which I won’t talk about yet (although patrons have already had a glimpse). More on that soon!