Giphy stickers!

Loading Artist just became a branded account on Giphy!

This means the animated stickers I’ve been working on the past couple wurk & lurk streams (Twitch link here) are now available for everyone to use in their Instagram stories and anywhere else you can use Giphy gifs*.

All you gotta do is search “loading artist” and you’ll see all of them come up, or share them directly from my Giphy page here.

*seems like Facebook messenger and Twitter only searches non-sticker gifs (so not my new ones that have transparency)

Also I don’t know why but the hearts sticker has blown up today with reaching EIGHTEEN TWENTY MILLION VIEWS. I have no idea what happened, but my guess is that someone a little bit more famous than me used it in their Instagram story today. If you happen to know who did what, I’d love to find out.