My Best Comics of 2016

I think we can all agree that if 2016 were remembered for anything, it would be Loading Artist’s consistent posting and growth.

Between launching the Twitch stream with the Loading Artist theatre overlay system, actually updating the YouTube page, actually posting on the Tumblr page, launching a new shirt store, and going hard on sharing my comics all over the place, I’d say 2016 was pretty damn good for Loading Artist!

I’m changing the way we do this year’s ’top 5 comics’ post. I used to sort these out by which comics got the most views on the site, but I realized they’re all pretty consistent. Most of the views that would determine spikes in popularity are usually off-site like on imgur/reddit.

SO INSTEAD I’ve decided to look through the archive of this year and pick out my top 5 personal favourite Loading Artist 2016 comics. I’M PROUD OF ALL MY BABIES, but these are ones that particularly stand out to me. In no exciting order:



And there we go!

Did my favourites line up with your favourites? Maybe I’ve forgotten one. Which ones do you choose?

– Gregor