A Minor Readjustment

So I realized I have to adjust my gaming stream schedule a tiny bit: instead of streaming games at 10am NZT Saturday, I’ll be streaming 2 hours later at 12pm NZT. Which is pretty much right now as soon as I post this. (Sorry, Europe!) Check here to see my streaming schedule in your local timezone.


Last week we finished Layers of Fear (a very trippy scream fest), and because that wasn’t enough today we’ll be playing the DLC called Inheritance. I don’t know too much about it other than you play from the point of view of a child (SEEMS LIKE I’M ALREADY PLAYING THAT GAME AMIRITE HA HA).

Apparently it doesn’t take too long to finish, so after that we’ll be jumping into some Overwatch and I’ll finally get to open some loot boxes! I stopped opening them a while back when I realized it’d be better to save them for the stream, and now that day is finally here! SEXY WITCH MERCY HERE I COME.


See you on Twitch!