I'm AFK in USA!

I’m traveling around America for 50 days! AAAAAAGGH!

I meant to post this before flying, but I ended up getting food poisoned a few days before my flight so things got pretty hectic. Since then things have been non stop and this is the first chance I’ve had in two weeks to post this (I’m typing on my phone in a hotel bed).

I left New Zealand in the beginning of October, and won’t be back until the end of November. That’s quite a while to be off the grid as a webcomic, but oh well, it’s a pretty good reason to.. I think. It will clear my head and fill it with something new. I’ll be taking a journal with me and filling it out as I go because I’m bound to come across some untapped pools of inspiration somewhere. (Also because my memory just sucks and I don’t want to come back with nothing but a curious case of jet lag.)

Speaking of which, I think I’ll be tweeting during the trip so if you want to keep up with me be sure to follow me!