Upping The Ante

You may have noticed some changes (i.e. improvements) to the site and with Patreon, so I thought I’d fill some pixels about it here.

Firstly, thank you for all of your feedback on the new site design. It has helped me pinpoint the areas that needed fixing or ignoring. By far the most mentioned was the broken status of the ‘random button’; how something so seemingly small was so broken for so long makes me question everything I know about computers, but it’s unbroken now so yay wHaTeVeR!!!!

Another feature that was requested was having navigation at the bottom of the comic so you wouldn’t need to scroll back up. Makes sense, so I’ve added it. However, clicking the comic still takes you to the next one as it did before (handy tip). I’ve also de-cluttered the front page some and allowed it to breathe a bit more, as well as a bunch of other minor fixes (but aren’t interesting enough to mention).



Now I want to talk about Patreon and the KUH-RAZY improvements I’ve done to that. Now even just $1 per comic will get you pretty much everything. Timelapse video? Heck yeah! Sketches and doodles of that comic? Sugar ma noodle! High-resolution download? Abso-lutely! Picture pack? WHAT?!? ?

The picture pack is a new reward; it’s a collection of images from that comic which are share-ready and reusable (e.g. transparent cut outs of a certain character and/or panel, a version of the comic with the text removed, etc). Basically things you might want to re-use in your own way, whatever that may be. To put on your own twist to the comic, or translations, or using it as a spray in Team Fortress 2, or an avatar, or a tattoo on your face, it’s up to you!

Along with boosting the $1 pledge, I’ve also boosted the higher tiers; most notably the new Super Supporter reward which you may have noticed animating beneath the latest comic. Click and hold to see their special animations! Preview shown below (the preview is not clickable, don’t even try).

That about sums it up for this post. Thank you so much for being here and reading this.

– Gregor