Open for Business

Lots of news to share today!

First of all: As you’ve probably noticed from the new banner; the online shirt store is finally open! Now you can buy t-shirts and stuff! Make sure you use the coupon SHIPFREEUS before Dec 31st to save on shipping ( Save on Standard shipping costs on orders over $50. (* Maximum $9.50 off for International shipping.) ). If you have any suggestions for designs you’d like to see in the future (or a design on a particular type of clothing), feel free to email me.

Second piece of news is directed towards the New Zealanders: I’m going to have a table at Armageddon Auckland next month (October 19th til the 22nd)! This will be the first convention I attend as Loading Artist! I’m hoping to be selling a book (I’m thinking 40-48 pages of good/recent comics at the moment), bookmarks, badges, and more?! (Not shirts, though. That will be online only for now). I’ll reveal more details on what exactly I’ll have at Armageddon, because I’m not sure just yet (I really need to get on with it).

Also, I will be selling prints online at some point in the near future. I have to focus on Armageddon for now, though, but it’s coming!