Things and Other Things

What do you get when you mix an interview, a subreddit, Google plus, and a favicon? You get this blog post:


A couple weeks ago I had my first ever Loading Artist interview, and it went live just a few days ago, so check it out here if you want to read it.


Are there any redditors reading this? If so, check out and/or subscribe to the newest and most ‘Loading Artist’ themed subreddit in town: /r/loadingartist. Feel free to post anything (provided it’s somewhat related to Loading Artist). I will wait a few days before submitting a link to each new comic in case someone else wants to post it first and reap all the potential juicy karma.

(Would just like to quickly mention that if you do intend to submit a link to a comic, please link to the actual page rather than the comic image directly, thanks!)

Google Plus

A few of you have emailed me demanding I make an official Google Plus (or as we in the biz call it: G+) for fans to follow. I already have a G+ profile page that some of you have started following, and then when Google made it available to create a ‘page’ I made one of those too, except not as many follow that one. Now I’m a little confused on which one to continue as the official G+ related thing for fans to follow.. I choose.. hmm.. my profile page? Yes, I choose that one. I will add a graphic/link on the side bar (like for my Twitter and Facebook pages) soon.


Oh, and I updated the favicon. If you still see the old [LA] favicon or have no idea what I am talking about, I guess it takes some time before it refreshes (or you can empty your page cache). I can’t believe how long I had the old favicon for, it was from back when Loading Artist wasn’t even a comic and just a personal site where I posted my art progress!

Thanks for reading, see you around.

– Gregor