Prints Are Back Again

Art and comic prints are now in the same store as my other merch! Isn’t that handy?!

:loadLove: I’m also running a 15% OFF EVERYTHING sale right now! Discounts applied at checkout!

If there’s something you want to see as a print and it’s not already in the store, send me an email and I’ll consider adding it: gregor(at)loadingartist.com


Birthday Streamathon

I’m back from the dead! To catch up I’m planning a BIRTHDAY STREAMATHON and you’re all invited!!! 🎂🎉🎈

Starts June 27th, 9am NZT (or 26th, 9pm UTC) see you there! :twitch:


Sick :(

I’m going on a bit of a streaming hiatus because I need to recover from this sickness ASAP so that I can move house :loadWat: which will then come with its own set of streaming interruptions… :loadSigh:

I’ll try and fit in some streams when I can until we return to our regular schedule (so you don’t forget about me :loadBlush: ). Follow me to be notified! :twitch:

Til then take care and see ya around the Discord and stuff! :loadHi: