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New logo!

New Logo

It’s a new decade and that means it’s time to mix things up. Here is the first of many updates I’m making to Loading Artist in 2020. :loadCool:

New Logo :loadLove:

After (too) many years, I’ve finally updated the logo (and profile pic) of Loading Artist. I hope you like it! I’ve also made a Making Of post (which includes a history of Loading Artist logos) for patronsĀ if you’d like to see more.

Loading Artist Rewind 2019

It’s that time of year again.. again! :loadLove:

I’ve gone through all the comics I made this year and have chosen 5 of my favourite ones. I wonder if my choices sync up with yours.

Anyway, here they are in no particular order:



Tuna Round


Minor Haunting


No Place Like Hell




Now it’s time to again wander down memory lane (MEMEORY LANE) and look through the HALL OF MEMES. I’ve been collecting all the memes you’ve made (from our Twitch chat and Discord server), and I’ve widdled them down to my favourites. I’ve included some fan art too.

Thank you to everyone reading and commenting on my comics, supporting me on Patreon, watching and talking with me on Twitch, hanging out in the Discord, and following me on Instagram / Twitter/ Facebook.

I really, really, appreciate it. :loadCry:

I’m taking a break from comics/streaming but I’ll be back next week. In the meantime I’m working on a complete overhaul of the store, fixing and updating my streaming overlay, as well as some other things that need refreshing and touching up, so that we can start 2020 with fresh new eyes.

… 2020 vision. :loadSpider: